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Newest Fabrics

These fabrics, in addition to those listed on the home page are just some of my many fabrics. If you choose a main fabric I would be happy to suggest coordinating fabrics either listed here and in those I have not yet listed here to help you design the perfect outfit!  

Autumn Squirrels on SOFT, soft tiny whale corduroy. ADORABLE! 
(coordinates Beautifully with a tan/white/blue Scotch cross-cross plaid OR pastel hearts on white OR green shades of subtle camou--all in corduroy!)

Mixed Fruit--light weight denim (Also have coordinating fabrics in bright wavy stripes and a dot on aqua background)

Cookin' Chicken 

Cookin' Chicken Black

Cookin' Chicken Stripe

Cookin' Chicken Dots

Spice Bloomies

 Pretty Bird SPICE

Orange Bloomies

Brown Dancing Flowers

Brown Bloomies

Irish Hearts n' Circles Blue (also available with yellow circles and green circles) 

Christmas SnowDots

Christmas Stockings Mint


Passion Flower

Passion Flower Leaves

AB Passion Temple Tulips CINNAMON

AB Passion Buttercups HONEYDEW
Meandering Vines RED

Meadowsweet Limeade Chain Flower

Meadowsweet Butterfly

Lime Bloomies

Henna Slate

AB Love Sandelwood Tourquis

AB Love Paradise Garden

AB Lily Cerise Pink

AB Joy Disco

AB Joy Buttercups Spearmint

Delhi Blooms Rose

Sunshine Flowers

 Pink/LimeDots on Brown

Red Asian Writing

TeaTime Fairy Hearts Sage

TeaTime Fairy Hearts Pink

Miss Emma's Garden

Scooby Doo

Cup O' Joe

Lollipops Green Dots

 Lollipops Orange Dots


Various Blues