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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Flurry ... of Christmas Fabrics

Can you believe it is already nearly November? 
Me either. But I am looking forward to celebrating the upcoming Christmas season! And I would LOVE to make you something special for your special someone this Christmas. 

In addition to my other fabrics, I wanted to point out these special holiday prints that I'm so excited to be working with this year.  They are perfect for Ruffle Pants, Ruffle Skirts, Simple Skirts, Knot dresses, Knot tops ... they are simply ... perfect.

Christmas is coming ... make it a Ruffled Feather filled one!

(*Fabrics can be mixed and matched however you'd like. You do not have to pair them as I have!)

Merry Christ-Moose Birds Skating 

Blue Swirls

Snow Dots,   Skinny Trees and Tossed Stockings

Red Candy Spirals and
Sweet Gingerbread Men and Candy (I only have a wee bit of this)

Lime and Hot Pink Paisley

Peace, Love, Joy
(this is an example of a Peasant Dress and Double-Ruffle Pants made with these fabrics)

Thankful Jubilee (with gold accents) and
Gold Flourish
(this is an example of something made with these fabrics)

4 Traditional Fabrics (Left to Right):
Evergreen Paisley, Christmas Spiral, 
Vintage Tradition and Cinnamon Wreaths

(this is an example of something made with these fabrics)

 A Beary-Woodsy-Christmas

 Scripted Evergreen Boughs

 (L to R) O Christmas Tree, Snowmen Mittens and Cocoa (only a wee bit left!) 
Red Candy Spirals and Green Candy Spirals

 (this is an example of a Simple Twirl Skirt made with these fabrics)

 Tossed Snowmen

 Tiny Gingerbread Men (and they are TINY!)

Red Ornaments, Gingerbread Men and Candy Canes

And this one isn't necessarily "Christmas" but I made it as a gift last Christmas season and it's a good example of a knot top paired with ruffle pants.
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