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I have a ton of new fabrics email me for details.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Flurry ... of Christmas Fabrics

Can you believe it is already nearly November? 
Me either. But I am looking forward to celebrating the upcoming Christmas season! And I would LOVE to make you something special for your special someone this Christmas. 

In addition to my other fabrics, I wanted to point out these special holiday prints that I'm so excited to be working with this year.  They are perfect for Ruffle Pants, Ruffle Skirts, Simple Skirts, Knot dresses, Knot tops ... they are simply ... perfect.

Christmas is coming ... make it a Ruffled Feather filled one!

(*Fabrics can be mixed and matched however you'd like. You do not have to pair them as I have!)

Merry Christ-Moose Birds Skating 

Blue Swirls

Snow Dots,   Skinny Trees and Tossed Stockings

Red Candy Spirals and
Sweet Gingerbread Men and Candy (I only have a wee bit of this)

Lime and Hot Pink Paisley

Peace, Love, Joy
(this is an example of a Peasant Dress and Double-Ruffle Pants made with these fabrics)

Thankful Jubilee (with gold accents) and
Gold Flourish
(this is an example of something made with these fabrics)

4 Traditional Fabrics (Left to Right):
Evergreen Paisley, Christmas Spiral, 
Vintage Tradition and Cinnamon Wreaths

(this is an example of something made with these fabrics)

 A Beary-Woodsy-Christmas

 Scripted Evergreen Boughs

 (L to R) O Christmas Tree, Snowmen Mittens and Cocoa (only a wee bit left!) 
Red Candy Spirals and Green Candy Spirals

 (this is an example of a Simple Twirl Skirt made with these fabrics)

 Tossed Snowmen

 Tiny Gingerbread Men (and they are TINY!)

Red Ornaments, Gingerbread Men and Candy Canes

And this one isn't necessarily "Christmas" but I made it as a gift last Christmas season and it's a good example of a knot top paired with ruffle pants.
If you'd like to place an order or ask any questions, please email me at almquist at fmtcs dot com

Monday, October 29, 2012

Sugar N' Spice Apron for Girls

Sugar and Spice, and everything nice ... that's what little girls are made of! Do you have her covered this holiday baking season?

Sugar N' Spice Little Girl's Apron—$22.00

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fabric Knot Bracelets-Things Knot Seen

Another item in the "Things Knot Seen" line (in addition to the Lydia-Love Knot Dolls) ... Colorful Fabric Knot Bracelets! 
They are so fun for fall and they make SUPER gifts and are so fun to mix and match.

They are $9 each or 3 for $25.

I have over 200+ fabrics to choose from so I bet I can find the perfect color combination that you'll love.
You can email me at almquist at fmtcs dot com.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Dress Your Doll ... and Her Doll

AG and AG BittyBaby Clothes are available to match your Ruffled Feathers Outfits! (Or for purchase separately.)
Just send me an email! almquist at fmtcs dot com    (replace at and dot with @ and .  )

Knot Dresses=$18

Hope Knot Dress and Shirt (modeled on BittyBaby)
 Knot Dress (front)


 Velcro closures on the BACK keep the knots on the front looking tidy and yet easy for little hands to use! Simply slip the dress on and off over the legs and use the velcro to open or close to keep secure.

Pixie Knot Dress in child size and BittyBaby size (paired with tiny pink stars shirt)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Ruffled Feathers as a Monday Montage Feature

My little sewing company, "Ruffled Feathers Company," is the "Monday Montage" feature this week at Scarlet Threads! 

You are probably well aware of the beautiful aprons, jewelry and other delightful things that Scarlet Threads creates as a fair trade company benefiting women and their families in China ... and if you haven't heard of them, you NEED TO CHECK IT OUT pronto! And as an extra incentive, if you mention the code "lex25" for reading about them here, you will receive a discount on your Scarlet Threads purchase! You can find Scarlet Threads by clicking the colored text above or here:

So Welcome! if you are visiting for the first time and welcome back if you're a bookmark friend of old. I'm trying to get a few things sewn for the start of an etsy shop, so do make sure to bookmark me so you hear when that opens.

In addition to the post preceeding this one I want to add my newest favorites: 

"Tangerine Dreams: Asian Inspiration"
This is its debut post, and it is still available for purchase! (as is some more yardage for another dress or two in case you need a different size.) This one is a 3T and makes me wish I was a 3T.

Knot Top ($28) and Ruffle Pants ($22)

 Matching AG Bitty Baby dress ($18) and shirt ($6)
(also available AG 18" doll outfits)

I have lots of things from skirts, knot dresses, dolls, long sleeve shirts with ruffles, tank tops with ruffles, ruffle pants, ruffle shorts, doll outfits (dresses and skirts) Leave me a comment or email me with your wishes and I'd be happy to make some sweet and special just for you! :-)

*And remember, it's never too early to be thinking ahead to Christmas. Since all my things are hand made they do take a bit of time to create (especially when hockey season starts up for my boys!) If you think you might be interested in something, feel free to put a bug in my ear. I'm always looking for started ideas when I want to make something but I'm just pulling sizes or fabric combos out of the air.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Here's What Has Been Sewing Up Lately

I guess it's a good thing if I'm sewing ... but this blog is screaming for some attention!

Here are some of a few things that have been ruffling up in the last few months at Ruffled Feathers Company. If you see something you like, please email me and I would LOVE to create something special just for you! Enjoy!

A shower gift

Hot Daisies Dress


Mom & Daughter Set

Lydia Love Doll, Custom Sized skirt and Ruffle Tank

Little Girl Skirt and Matching Lydia Love Doll

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Introducing: Lydia Love--"Things Knot Seen"

Introducing ... a new line ...
"Things Knot Seen" 
this is:
Lydia Love!

She's a little bit shy, but oh so cuddly!
Bound to be one of your best-buddies ...
From her cotton knot-tied pony-tails to her pigeon toed feet, she's soft, one-in-a-million sweetness.

Each doll is approximately 14" tall and has Sunny-Happy-Skies Panda Fabric torsos and a coordinating, removable cotton skirt.


Her eyes are brown and these three gals have a glint of Asian in them. (Dolls can also be custom made with round embroidered eyes as well in any color.) Lydia's hair is styled into cotton knot pony tails decorated with ribbons.

Her right leg has her very own heart-circle-stamp. It's just up high enough to be hidden by her skirt but close enough to remind you how much you are loved in a heart-beat.

Eyes, nose and other facial features are hand embroidered for one-of-a-kind beauty.
Currently there are three sisters waiting for homes: Lydia Love Red, Aqua and Rose



This is Lydia-Red
This is Lydia-Aqua 

 This is Lydia-Rose

Email me at almquist  at  fmtcs  dot   com  (replacing the "at" and "dot" with the symbols and deleting the spaces in the address) if you'd like to buy any of these sweeties OR if you'd like to order one especially made for you. They are all individually hand-made and embroidered and sweetly priced at $35 each (plus $6 shipping.)

AND remember, all sales from Ruffled Feathers Company through the month of May will donate at least 10% of the sale to The Sparrow Fund!!

• Pattern used by permission from Bit of Whimsy Dolls.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Things "Knot" Seen

Coming SOON!--Soft knot dolls!

Remember, 10% of all orders placed in May will be donated to The Sparrow Fund, helping to support adopting families with medical reviews and adoption support!