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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Riley's Hope Heart Outfit

Although I've not met him, there is a three year old boy who lives a few hours from me who is battling a form of Leukemia. This is the outfit that I am donating. It will be auctioned off at a fundraiser this weekend in his honor. We're praying for strength for their family and healing and remission for Riley!

Don't you think it'll be perfect for Valentine's Day?!
 This is the new button closure elastic waist that is an option. It's especially great when you plan to use the skirt for multiple children of different sizes or through hand-me-downs or if you're traveling to adopt a child and don't quite know a waist measurement!

This skirt/shirt combo is a size 6 (at 15" in length) ... but with the elastic waist with the button it could fit a size 4T as a longer skirt or a size 7 as a shorter skirt with leggings! Talk about versatile!
 The ruffle shirt detail photo.
 And a close-up of the fabrics in the skirt.
The benefit for Riley is December 17 in Hampton, Iowa.
There will be a meal from 5-8pm with a Silent Auction and Raffle from 5-8pm. A Live Auction will start at 8:30pm followed by a dance.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

One-of-a-Kinds: Cinnamon Swirls and Royal Snowflakes

JUST in time for the holidays ...
Cinnamon Swirls and Royal Snowflakes
Two one-of-a-kind creations from Ruffled Feathers Company

Email me at almquist at fmtcs dot com (replace at and dot with the symbols) if you would like to deck your sugar plum in these togs this season. They are ready for immediate shipping!

Cinnamon Swirls
Size 3T Apron-Knot Dress
chest measurement= 23"  

Pine bough wreaths decorated with berries, cloves and cinnamon sticks festively dance across the snow-white background of the upper skirt fabric. Fussy-cut trim at the hem matches the apron with Rich Red and Holiday Green Paisley Scrolls and Swirls. The straps are made from a coordinating red and green holiday print that also is found in the bodice lining. This would look SO cute with a simple white long sleeve T-shirt.

Royal Snowflakes Skirt
Size: 4T-5-or-6 (depending how long you like your daughter's skirts)
*I will custom-make the waist whatever size you prefer! 

A 14-15" length skirt is usually my standard size 6 but I've had moms order 14" length for their 4T girls knowing that the generous waist elastic will give them a couple years of use. A perfect idea for this holiday skirt!

The two fabrics of this skirt dance with glimmers of gold throughout BOTH of their patterns! They are simply royal and nothing short! In fact I wish I had more of this fabric because it is so wonderful ... but it is truly One-Of-A-Kind! Because I don't. 
Please refer to the detail photos for the true beautiful color of the eggplant-purple colored skirt. It is scrumptiously rich and the embellished snowflakes are like jewels twinkling across it.
The pattern  is the fullness of my side-split-skirts without the "split." So they are not TOO overly-bulky and yet have just the right amount of twirl.

Isn't the fabric stunning?!
Turquoise blue, black, gold ...

Not sure what to pair with it?
I would LOVE to sew you a Ruffle T-shirt to coordinate PERFECTLY with it.
(I've just laid the coordinating fabric here ... just waiting to be ruffled on the shirt size of your choice.)
Matching Ruffle Shirt available in size 4/5 or 6 in white.
This is an example of a Ruffle Shirt. 
The Royal Snowflake Purple would be used on the white shirt 
with the Golden Swirls as the Fabric Roses.

All fabrics are pre-washed and ironed before being sewn.
Leave a comment or email me at almquist at fmtcs dot com (replace at and dot with the symbols) with any questions!