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Monday, September 19, 2011

Khloe's Twirl

I have the incredible opportunity to edit a group of monthly child sponsor UPDATES through NDFH each month. I kinda refer to them as "my kids"-- I can't help it ... they're special to me.
Hearing about each of them as they grow bit by bit each month on the outside and inside is so rewarding! And praying for them to grow stronger and to be "found" by their very own family is a powerful thing to be blessed to do.
Some sooner, some later, ultimately each one of them have been matched with their Forever Families! It is sometimes a bit sad to see them go, but to know that they finally have their own mom's and dad's and families far outweighs any sadness I might have.

Khloe, one of "my" sweethearts from my original list of kiddos will be meeting her Forever Family THIS WEEK!
And I had the blessing of surprising her momma with matching skirts for Khloe (formerly Polly at ND) and her big sister, Makayla, both of whom share the same special need that will no doubt weave them to be incredibly close in time. What a thrill this was for their Mom as finding matching outfits for the girls in their different sizes has been a bit of a challenge. I can't wait to see them modeling them together soon!


  1. Valerie,
    You have such an eye for coordinating fabrics! I think this is my favorite yet!
    I too can't wait to see the sweet sisters together!!

  2. Did you see the photos of Mikayla and Khloe (whom others may better know as Polly from NDFH) in their matching twirls... they are SO cute on them!! Beautiful work... yes, you have that great 'artistic' eye for detail!