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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


WELCOME To Ruffled Feathers!

I'm working on refining this site and hope to have a check-out cart in place at some point. There is a growing list of fabrics available to view on the sidebar. Most are in short yardages which allow for a wider selection ... but that can also mean a limited supply is available. Please email me with any questions or orders at:
almquist at fmtcs dot com
(remove the spaces and add the appropriate signs)

Here is our size chart (keeping in mind that I can sew to your specific size.)
The most important measure is the length. The elastic can be shortened very easily. Don't miss the Photo Gallery following the size chart!

waist: 17"
length: 9"

waist: 18"
length: 10"

waist: 19"
length: 10"

waist: 20"
length: 11"

waist: 21.5"
length: 12"

waist: 22"
length: 13"

waist: 23.5"

length: 14" 

7 (add'l $3)

waist: 24"
length: 15"

(add'l $3)
waist: 25"
length: 16"

*Larger sizes available, 
  email me your request.

Skirt Style Photo Gallery:
(any style available in any fabric combination--If you like one particular fabric, 
but are unsure of another, I can assist you in coordinating something perfect!)

The Tiered 
Twirly Girl Skirt = $22.00

The 2-layer Full-Twirl 
Twirly Girl Skirt = $28.00

The Double Layer 
Side-Split Skirt = $26.00

The Apron 

Dress = $38.00

The Apron 

Shirt = $28.00
Similar in style to the Apron Knot dress but in a shorter length to be worn with jeans as an adorable top hitting around the hip area in length. Perfect for little twirlers--OR older more sophisticated girls.
Coming Soon!


  1. Oh-Oh!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!! I don't get to blog hop very often these days...and I'm SOOO glad I hopped over here!! How much are the skirts?

  2. How exciting Valerie! I'm so happy for you my friend. And know what a blessing you are to others through this venture. The Lord will surely bless you in return!

  3. I am so excited! We LOVE the twirly skirt we already have and can not wait to get the other ones that we have just ordered!!

    Thanks, Valerie! You are the best!

  4. These are absolutely gorgeous!!! I love them!! You are such a blessing to so many! Thank you Valerie for your love and dedication to helping so many. Your heart shines brightly for all to see! I wish you all the best in this, your new business. I know you'll be blessed in return as you have been such a blessing to so many others.

  5. These are beautiful, Valerie! I love all the fabrics. I just shared your link on my fb page and will do so a few more times today. May God bless your efforts!

  6. These are so beautiful! I will certainly come back to look, as I have a few little girls that I'd like to send some to!